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Oliver Owl - Modern Charm Necklace for Teachers Infinity Necklace in Gold with Single Pearl sparrow necklace in sterling silver
Oliver Owl Charm Necklace
starting at:: $45.00
Oliver is a wonderfully intricate wise old owl.  Top him with a "pearl of wisdom" for a meanginful teacher's gift!
*available in silver or gold*
single pearl infinity charm necklace in gold
a sweet little flying swallow bird necklace with tiny pearls
Family Birthstone Heart Charm Necklace My Mothers Garden Charm Necklace The Best Nest Birthstone Necklace
The Best Nest Necklace
starting at:: $50.00

Our handcrafted family heart features up to 6 birthstones or crystals to celebrate your loved ones.
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
A sweet sterling silver chrysanthemum charm adorned with up to 6 birthstones. This sweet little birdie will sit atop up to three birthstones - a lovely little mom necklace
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
Itty Bitty Mama Bee Necklace My Family Circle Birthstone Necklace Family Tree Birthstone Charm Necklace in Sterling Silver
Itty Bitty Mama Bee Necklace
starting at:: $45.00
A precious itty bitty mama bee charm necklace in your choice of silver or brass.  Shows off up to three baby bee birthstones. The perfect family circle to display everyone's birthstones.
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
*customer favorite*
A lovely sterling silver family tree necklace - perfect for the new bride, mom or grandma.
Heart Charm Bracelet or Anklet Family Birthstone Earrings Open Heart Charm Necklace - Oval
Family Birthstone Earrings
starting at:: $25.00

Open Heart Charm Necklace - Oval
starting at:: $65.00

Our signature heart as a bracelet or anklet.  Choose your crystal color or birthstone.
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
A sweet way to show off up to 6 of your family's birthstones.
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
This open heart charm necklace is a bit larger than our other choices.  A sweet open heart is cut out of a solid sterling silver oval.
Mother Daughter in my Heart Necklace Set Mother Daughter Puffy Heart Necklace Set Mother Daughter Family Tree Necklace Set
Mother Daughter Family Tree Necklace Set
starting at:: $125.00
Sale Price: $100.00
Savings: $25.00
Mother & Daughter silver heart necklace set.
Mother & Daughter Puffy Heart Necklace Set in Sterling Silver.
A precious way to celebrate mother and daughter and their shared family tree.
Open Heart Charm Necklace - Circle Open Heart Charm Necklace - Rectangle Birthstone Heart Earrings
Birthstone Heart Earrings
starting at:: $25.00
Our open heart necklace as a circle - the perfect circle of love.  add special birthstones for meaning. A petite heart cut out charm - you can top it with all of your special birthstones. A sweet pair of handcrafted heart earrings donning up to four genuine birthstones or crystals.
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
Triple Open Heart Charm Necklace - Rectangle mama love birthstone heart bracelet or anklet signature heart charm necklace
Mama Love Bracelet or Anklet
starting at:: $30.00
Triple floating hearts are cut out of this sweet rectangle sterling silver charm.  A lovely little light necklace. A sweet mother's bracelet or anklet - birthstone hearts.  More can be added later!
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
Our signature heart necklace - handcrafted with your choice of color or birthstone.
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
Mama Love Birthstone Heart Necklace Sparkly Birthstone Necklace Sister and Best Friend Birthstone Heart Necklace
Mama Love Birthstone Necklace
starting at:: $35.00
Sparkly Birthstone Necklace
starting at:: $75.00
The perfect mother's love necklace - birthstone hearts.  Add more with new little ones!
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
A dainty necklace - lovely for a mother's or grandmother's necklace.
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
A sweet birthstone heart charm necklace with up to 6 birthdays in crystals or genuine birthstones.
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
Sparkly Birthstone Bracelet Angel with Heart Charm Modern Arrow and Birthstone Necklace
Sparkly Birthstone Bracelet
starting at:: $40.00
Angel with Heart Charm
starting at:: $20.00
Modern Arrow Birthstone Necklace
starting at:: $50.00

The perfect way to celebrate the special people in your life - with their birthstones.
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
A precious handcrafted angel holds your special heart with your special birthstones or colors.
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
A beautiful and modern arrow necklace flanked with birthstones. * available in silver or gold*
Tiny Stamped Initial Necklace by {Jules} jewelry Flower Birthstone Charm Necklace Simple Pearl and Crystal Earrings
Teenie Tiny Initial Necklace
starting at:: $40.00

Flower Birthstone Charm Necklace
starting at:: $35.00

A tiny hand-stamped necklace to show off your special initial.
* available in gold or silver *
A sweet little flower charm necklace - you can top it with the birthstones of your sweeties. A lovely little pair of earrings to show off your favorite color or birthstone  Accented with a pearl!
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
Sparkly Crystal Earrings School Spirit Earrings - celebrate your school with school color earrings Large Custom Heart Charm Necklace
Sparkly Crystal Earrings
starting at:: $25.00
School Spirit Earrings
starting at:: $25.00

A lovely pair of earrings to show off two colors or birthstones - great school earrings!
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
A great way to show off three birthdays or colors - perfect for school colors, too!
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
A larger - more customizable heart charm.  perfect for oodles of birthdays or larger beads.
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
Simple Birthstone Earrings Flower Birthstone Earrings Double Crystal and Pearl Earrings
Simple Birthstone Earrings
starting at:: $25.00
Flower Birthstone Earrings
starting at:: $28.00
A sweet and simple way to display up to three colors or birthstones.
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
Birthstone flower earrings in sterling silver - up to 3 birth months.
Completely customizable with crystal colors or birthstones.
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
Family Birthstone Angel Domed Flower Personalized Hand-Stamped Necklace in Sterling Silver - by {Jules} jewelry Itty Bitty Sweet Heart Stamped Necklace in Sterling Silver - by {Jules} jewelry
Family Birthstone Angel
starting at:: $25.00

Itty Bitty Heart Stamped Necklace
starting at:: $40.00

This sweet little angel holds birthdays in her heart and on her skirt - a precious mom or grandma gift.
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
A smaller version of our domed flower charm in sterling silver. The tiniest of silver hearts is stamped with your special initials or name. So tiny and sweet!
Hand Stamped Circle Necklace Personalized in Sterling Silver from {Jules} jewelry Circle Charm with Gold Heart Stamped Necklace Hand-Stamped Tag Necklace in Sterling Silver by {Jules} jewelry
Hand Stamped Circle Necklace
starting at:: $50.00
Hand-Stamped Tag Necklace
starting at:: $50.00
A perfectly modern hand-stamped necklace.  About the size of a penny.
*available with multiple charms*
This is such a sweet tiny 1/2" silver charm stamped and topped with a petite hammered gold heart.
*Can be ordered with multiple charms*
This necklace is so sweet and light.  Perfect little hand-stamped tags for all of your sweeties.
Itty Bitty Sterling Silver Hand-Stamped Circle Initial Necklace by {Jules jewelry. Layered Sweetheart Hand Stamped Necklace in silver and gold - by {Jules} jewelry Large Raised Edge Stamped Charm in Sterling Silver by {Jules} jewelry.
Layered Hand Stamped Necklace
starting at:: $70.00
The tiniest stamped charm!  An 8mm circle is stamped with your single letter or number.  So tiny and sweet. A perfect mix of silver and gold.  This makes a great mother, grandmother or bridal hand-stamped necklace. This is a great larger heavier artisan stamped charm.  The imperfections make it rustic and wonderful!
Layered Stamped Sweetheart Charm Necklace in Sterling Silver by Jules jewelry. Daisy Hand-Stamped Necklace in Sterling Silver by Jules jewelry. My Heart Takes Wing - Teardrop Charm Necklace from {Jules} jewelry.
Daisy Hand-Stamped Necklace
starting at:: $50.00
Penny-sized silver charm topped with a hammered heart - perfect for her birthday, gotcha day or anniversary! Our regular nickel-sized flower charm in sterling silver.
Fits up to about 6 characters.
A larger, tear drop version of our heart with wings necklace.
Betty in Her Garden - Bird Charm Necklace Sicilia Songbird Charm Necklace Itty Bitty Wishbone Charm Necklace
One of our TOP sellers!  Betty sits atop her slightly domed sterling silver charm. Sicilia is an adorable little songbird necklace that can be personalized with birthstones, crystals or other accent charms. A sweet little wishbone necklace accented with a pearl of wisdom -
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
Hammered Domed Birthstone Charm Necklace My Little Princess Charm Necklace Itty Bitty Handprint Charm Necklace
Hammered Domed Birthstone Charm
starting at:: $60.00

A 3/4" hand textured, polished and domed circle charm topped with genuine birthstones.
*available in SILVER or GOLD*
A princess crown is the perfect way to celebrate your little princess.  Sizing for girls to adults. Such a sweet way to celebrate those tiny baby hands - perfect for a new mom or grandma necklace.
A beautiful little baby footprint charm necklace. Domed Hand-Stamped Personalized Charm necklace in silver or gold-filled. baby feet personalized hand-stamped necklace in silver or gold
Itty Bitty Footprint Charm Necklace
starting at:: $35.00

Domed Stamped Charm Necklace
starting at:: $60.00
Baby Feet Stamped Necklace
starting at:: $50.00
A sweet way to celebrate a new baby - and celebrate those tiny baby feet! A hand-stamped, hand-polished, domed necklace - personalized with your special sentiment or name.
*available in SILVER or GOLD *
Precious Baby Feet are stamped on this 3/4" (nickel-sized) sized charm
*avialable in SILVER or GOLD *
Rustic Farm Girl Tag Necklace in Sterling Silver by {Jules} jewelry Larger Layered Hand Stamped Necklace Sweet Flower Sterling Silver and Pearl Keepsake Necklace
Large Layered Stamped Necklace
starting at:: $110.00

Rustic, lovely & handcrafted.
* available with multiple charms *
A wonderful larger hand-stamped charm necklace.  It's the perfect gift for a new mom or bride.  Celebrate your sweeties! A sweet little sterling silver flower charm - accented with a genuine pearl or birthstone.

Find Beautiful and Personalized Gifts for Mom, Any Time of Year

From the moment she first cradled you in her arms, you and your mother shared a special bond. Throughout all of the skinned knees, first days of school, heartbreaks, tragedies and triumphs – she's been there. You've always been her baby, and she's been your rock.

It can be difficult finding that special gift for a very special someone, but {Jules} Jewelry offers fabulous assortments of personalized jewelry for moms that are sure to deliver a loving message to a beautiful soul. Whether it is for Mother's Day, her birthday, anniversary or any other special day when you want to celebrate your unique and lovely relationship, you'll find a precious reminder of your everlasting affection among our sets of personalized gifts for mom.

No matter how soon the special event is, we will be there to craft your personalized jewelry for mom and get it to you in as little as a single day. We are proud to help you show your enduring love to a woman who has no replacement.

Personalized Necklaces for Mom

Choose from our wide array of personalized gifts for mom. Our selection of birthstone necklaces, including the lovely Mama Love Birthstone Necklace and our Family Birthstone Heart Charm Necklace, offers a sweet reminder of your deep affection for her and the love you share.

Personalized Bracelets for Mom

Like our necklaces for mom, our selection of bracelets can be accented with customized charms, special birthstones, or both. Each are custom-made to order, and we take care to craft each piece to your specifications.

Personalized Earrings for Mom

Our selection of mother's jewelry earrings are the perfect canvases for highlighting beautiful rainbows of family birthstones. You can select her own birthstone, and make them extra special by adding your own birthstone color or a lovely pearl accent!

We take special pride in offering a gorgeous assortment of personalized gifts for mom. Show her how much she means to you by choosing a lovingly crafted piece from {Jules} Jewelry!