... a bit about our family

A bit about us...

Hello, I am Julie Miller, owner of {Jules}. I have two wonderful little guys (who aren't so little anymore) who keep me hopping and are the joys of my life! I also have been blessed with an amazing husband (who started out as my high school sweetheart) who supports me in every aspect of my life. Our family lives in a beautiful little town on the Central Coast of California, Lompoc.

I dabbled with jewelry design and working in metal when I was in high school. I had signed up for auto-shop, but at the time boys were accepted into the class first. It filled up, so they stuck me in metal shop. That couldn't have worked out any better. I started with casting and other bits and bobs. I began playing with beads and wire and enjoyed it.

When we were first married in 1994 I began playing with clay & creating broaches and necklaces out of clay flowers I had sculpted. Then on our fifth anniversary my sweetie surprised me with a trip to Alaska. I found a bracelet in a little shop on a glacier that was created with local stones. I loved the meaning behind the beads in my sweet little bracelet. I came home and found the closest bead shop. I played around for a bit, and then my sister and I booked a 1 hour introduction to jewelry making class. I took that class, ran with it and never looked back! Since then I've muddled through all sorts of jewelry design techniques, figuring it out as I went along. I enjoy working in many mediums with oodles of different tools and techniques. The more techniques I can figure out, the better. It has become such an amazing outlet for my brain which seems to be overstuffed with ideas and plans.

When our oldest was born in 2000, we decided that it would be amazing if I could stay home with him. So I didn't return to teaching 6th grade, but instead focused on raising our son and playing with beads. My little jewelry dabbling turned into creating pieces for craft fairs and then branched out into displays at local businesses. In 2001 I opened my website, completely blind to the ways of the internet - with no clue about coding or basically anything web related. My sweetie and I worked together tirelessly to get it all up and running. Our first online sale was to Greece! It was so exciting. To this day I still get little butterflies when an order comes in. It makes me smile that others wear my jewelry and that it means something special to them.

I focus on designing and creating pieces that are a special keepsake, meaningful memory or treasured memento from a special moment in time. I finish off my pieces with my signature heart. I love my itty bitty heart because it reminds me each and every day of the amazing family I have, the many blessings we share and the dream that we are living each day together. I hope my jewelry can bring that same feeling to my customers.

I often get questions about our little corner of the web. I started designing jewelry in the summer of 1999, and I plunged into cyberspace in 2001, knowing absolutely nothing. I have since begun to learn html, css, web design, graphic design and photography. I design my own web pages using beautiful graphics that I either have designed especially for me or have purchased from collections I fall in love with, as well as graphics I create myself. The pictures are my journey into the amazing world of digital photography and my collaboration with several outstanding local photographers. I just adore playing with color, texture and composition! I guess you could say that I'm a mama of all trades. I design and create the jewelry, create and run the website, design my print materials and am my own marketing person. It's not as overwhelming as it sounds. I love being involved in every aspect of our business.

If you're just starting out or ever want to chat about entrepreneurial topics, I'm more than happy to share. I am no expert, but am always happy to share my own experiences with others if it may help in their journey.

Blessings from our family to yours,
~ Julie Miller *Ü*